What is the difference between Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching and Personal Consultancy?!

In the UK there is no clear differentiation between Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Having said that, historically Psychotherapy derives from the medical model and often described as longer term therapy addressing the deep roots of the problem, whereas counselling is more focused on the behavioural manifestations of the problem in a shorter term basis. Nevertheless, both disciplines involve different types of talking therapies whereas you address things that trouble you, in a safe and non-judgemental environment with a trained professional.

Coaching focuses on constructive changes, performance and development. It focuses on the here and now and aims to unlock your potential to maximise your performance.

Personal Consultancy incorporates both disciplines together. It allows the practitioner to take the depth perspective from Counselling and Psychotherapy and also focuses on making practical and constructive changes, taking your awareness and insight into practice in order to create tangible changes in your life.

What is confidentiality like within a Counselling/Psychotherapy/Coaching setting?

I abide by the BACP code of ethics. Limitations refer to disclosures about serious risk of harm to yourself or others.

How long are the sessions, when and how often?

My sessions are 50 minutes long. Open-ended, or fixed term. You can finish any time, and continue for as long as you feel it is beneficial for you. You can come weekly, fortnightly or monthly if you wish. If you are looking for longer term therapy I do advise to come weekly for the first few months so that we can build our relationship and talk through your past, present and future. Although it is beneficial if we meet around the same time and day every week I recognise as a working professional that this may be difficult sometimes, therefore I offer a flexible approach.

Do you think you can work with me?

We use our “Chemistry check” session to determine whether we are able to work together. As I said, there are no obligations.  It may be that you are looking for someone who specialises in one area, in that case I can always refer you on. I have worked within many different areas but it is important for you to decide whether I am the right person for you to work with. It is important you read through my website and ask me questions to see whether my approach and way of working resonates with you.