Walk & Talk


I grew up in a forest, and I was surrounded by nature most of my life. My family home in Hungary is situated in the middle of a beautiful forest, in an area called Rose Hill. When I moved to the UK I realised that I was constantly looking for apartments near a forest, the lake or at least a park. Nature is an integral part of who I am, and I always believed that it can help us to connect with ourselves and free us from the every day anxiety and stress.

When I first started off working in the mental health field back in 2010, I continued to have these profound experiences with nature; but this time, it was whilst I was with others. I noticed that I had done my best work with my clients whilst walking to the park or speaking to them in a garden. People seemed to change for those brief moments, I felt I was able to reach them, connect on a much deeper level and have beautiful therapeutic conversations with them. Most of these people suffered from severe mental health issues, and I was stunned by how much they were able to open up in these settings. This is when my interest started in Walk & Talk therapy.

Mindfulness is an integral part of my practice, and during Walk & Talk I aim to help you to feel grounded, safe and connected to yourself and nature. I believe that the body, mind and soul are interconnected, and by working with your body (walking), connecting with nature (soul), you will be able to work through your difficulties in a much more integrated way.

I am based in South West London and I conduct my sessions in Battersea Park. I am open to discuss other locations if you have a preference within a 5 mile radius.