The Fear of Transforming

We often seek help from professionals with the wish to essentially transform ourselves, to leave something behind, to act, feel or think differently. As this journey begins we anticipate an outcome, the desire of where we want to be. Throughout this journey of transforming, we experience things that we probably didn’t prepare for. It’s almost like deciding to backpack. We do it because we want freedom, new experiences, transformation, insight, peace… but as we embark on the journey, the reality sets in; that it is going to be hard and challenging. And why? Because we are leaving something behind. Something or someone we have been, perhaps for a little while, but for some of us, it has been a lifetime. A lifetime of longing for something different makes us forget that through this transformation we go through a grieving process too. A process where we say goodbye to ourselves.

It forces us to take responsibility because it can leave us with emptiness. And we have no choice but to fill this emptiness ourselves. We are no longer who we were as children; a dry sponge that is ready to be fed with water. We need to feed ourselves. This takes courage and strength and first and foremost, belief in ourselves. Belief that we will come out on the other side, happy, fulfilled, enlightened and satisfied. Belief that we can give birth to ourselves, and change our destiny. A belief that anything is possible, and no matter the circumstances we can achieve anything.

Believe in yourself, and don’t give up. Don’t run away from your transformation. Create yourself. Never stop working on yourself. Inspire others. Show them that pain can be used as a fuel for determination and success. Emerge into a butterfly from your cocoon.

#Transformation #change #reborn #cocoon #butterfly #mentalhealth #belief

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